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What started as nothing more than a dream has become so much more than anyone could have imagined. After more than 20 years working in retail sales, Heather Abanatha and her family decided to put her dream to the test by starting her own business.

Starting small in local showings around town soon turned into The Dirt Road buying an old box truck in hopes to bring the area their first mobile boutique. After some hard work and renovations  they set off allowing the Paducah area to shop "Betsy" out and about. "Betsy" was the area's first mobile boutique truck that allowed The dirt road to go where the customers were, living up to the slogan "Stop. Shop. Roll.


After several months of taking "Betsy" out and about through the Western Kentucky area The dirt road made the next big step by finding a brick and mortar store front location. After weeks and weeks of searching for the right location and many day and nights of prayer, it fell right in there laps, a family friend had an opening on the small side of her hair salon and Heather new this was what she needed this was the one. The shop was set up almost overnight for opening. The small store kept growing until space was tight. The hair salon decided they wanted to move out so The Dirt Road decided to take another chance a leap of faith and expand into the entire salon. This was a huge step after being open around a year. After many renovations, fitting rooms, paint, etc. The Dirt Road had now more than doubled in size, and now had more room to grow and breathe.


 When Heather moved into the hair salon there was always something on her mind, she had a deep love for the huge abandoned building across the street, an old state department building that use to serve as a garage. To everyone else it looked like a rough scrap heap but to Heather it was love at first site. After years of watching the sun go down over the rooftop of the building, it finally came up for auction after being abandoned for over 50 years. Heather new that this was it.  

After a few months of anticipation, sleepless nights, she had won the bid and it was time to bring her thoughts, dreams, plans and ideas to life. So it was time for renovating.That's not really a fast project it took almost a year to get everything in order before finally opening the doors. Heathers dream had finally come true. She had turned the place into a beautiful store front

Our story

Its truly a family affair!!!

We love our customers!